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Laurie and Vicki
Laurie Sexton (Elise House) and Vicki Hatch, Love Walk 2014

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Adding Rooms for the Homeless — The Renovation of Admiral Cooke House

Hello! Bob here. Since the last newsletter, we’ve had a lot of goings on. We have for the most part had all of our beds occupied, which for this time of year is unusual, because a lot of homeless persons are content to live out in the elements because of the weather, so they can save their money. We use to have a garage, that could house 2 cars, since we remodeled it, it now houses 5 men, which makes more sense seeing as that is what we are all about, getting people off the streets and you couldn’t ask for a nicer place to be housed. We try to make everyone as comfortable and safe as possible although, without all of our generous donors and benefactors, all of this would not be possible.

Admiral Cooke House
Admiral Cooke House

We need to take a moment to thank all of these people and be grateful that they are as generous as they are and be hopeful that they continue their support in the future and hope we can bring more people on board with us as we grow.

A lot of the work done on this building was also due to the hard work and labor of some of our own residents, one in particular whose name is Paul. Some of the work he was paid by the contractor, but a lot more he donated his own time for. I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank him for all his hard work and workmanship. Paul has been a godsend to us as I’m sure we have been to him and he has also come a long way in bettering himself since he has been here. We all have our ups and downs but that’s what this organization is here for to help those that want to help themselves that’s what makes HNH and these homes a partnership. We all try to help each other and thank God or a higher power for all the blessings bestowed upon us all.

Thanks and have a great summer!
Bob Mcgillveary (C.O.O.)

Laurie Sexton (Elise House) and Vicki Hatch, Love Walk 2014
Love Walk 2014

This was my third year in a row completing the 103.6 mile, Bob Murray Housing With Love Walk, a walk done over a period of a week, with increments of anywhere from 10 to 19.6 miles daily. We have a new saying “the hills of Truro” thought of by Ernie Hebert, one of the other walkers who also completed the whole walk. As grueling as the walk can be, I can say so isn’t being homeless.

Although I am homeless, I guess you could say I am one of the “lucky” ones, thanks to Billy Bishop, one of the founders of Homeless Not Hopeless because if it weren’t for Billy and Homeless Not Hopeless, I would’ve been on the streets and found myself staying at shelters or my truck without bathroom facilities. Yes I live at Homeless Not Hopeless but not because of addiction or lack of having a job, which seems to be the stigma with homelessness. I had the same job as a pharmacy technician at CVS for 17 years and I don’t drink! I lost my job shortly after I willingly gave up my nice rental in Harwich to take care of my mother. I had to commute back and forth from Cedarville to Orleans every day because my job wouldn’t give me a transfer. It got to be too much and couldn’t give my mother the attention she needed so my family asked me to leave to get her better care. I called Billy and luckily there was an opening and got right in.

Thanks to walkers like myself, Vicki, Izzy Thompson, Alan Burt and the generous donors we have raised $ 2,755.00. These donations have helped us pay for a portion of the renovations of the Admiral Cooke House. Thank you to all of the donors!

Laurie Sexton

Volunteers Group
Francoise (center) and Eve’s house ladies

Francoise Rocher
Eve’s house would like to thank Francoise Rocher for being one of the best volunteers ever. Francoise arrives almost every other Tuesday morning and graces the ladies of Eve’s house with her special presence. She reminds us why we should all have faith and continue to strive. Her message is coated with a beautiful French accent. Thank you Francoise!

Barbara Conway
Barbara Conway

Barbara Conway
Along with Francoise, Barbara Conway has been a volunteer at Eve’s house since its opening in April 2013. Barbara has been an enormous help to HNH. She covers all the women of Eve’s house with prayer shawls knit by she and her special faith group. Barbara carries the same faith gift that Francoise has and reminds all the ladies to believe in themselves. Thank you Barbara!

HNH Welcomes New Board Members

HNH is proud to announce the addition of four new board members: Pamela Silva, Dick LeJava, Father Ken Campbell, and Peter Freeman.

Pamela J. Silva, Director
A former social worker, Pam is a teacher at Barnstable High School. She is the advisor to a dedicated group of students who comprise the B.H.S. Human Rights Club. Together, they actively support HNH and various agencies that help meet people’s person-al and/or housing needs.

Dr. Richard J. LeJava, Director
Dick has been a practicing Chiropractic Physician in Hyannis for the past 45 years, and a Eucharistic Minister at Our Lady of Victory Church, Centerville. “What I am is God’s gift to me, what I do with my life is my gift to Him.” —Eleanor Powell “People see God every day, they just don’t recognize Him.” —Pearl Bailey

Fr. Ken Campbell, Director
Ken is a native Cape Codder and an Episcopal priest with a commitment since the 1960’s of achieving justice for all God’s children. He worked for a number of years with Citizen’s Advocacy in Spring-field, Mass., a program matching ordinary citizens in pairs where one was in need of an advocate. “The world is my parish and every person has gifts to share with others.”

Peter Freeman, Esq., Director
Peter L. Freeman’s practice involves a wide range of areas including municipal, zoning, land development, environmental and wet-lands permitting, real estate acquisition and financing, construction law, administrative law, commercial transactions, and litigation, with a special emphasis on affordable housing development, including Chapter 40B and Chapter 40R. Peter is also an adjunct professor of law at Boston University.

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  1. Please contact me regarding folding beds and bedding we would like to donate to HnH

  2. Hello.

    I received the following note from our business office:

    After inquiring with our auditors, Cape Cod Academy will need proof that the organizations receiving donations are 501c certified. They should be able to provide this information to you when you call and request it. We will accept faxes at 508-428-0701 Attention: Bookkeeper or scanned copies via email to

    Please let me know you received this and I can follow up here to get your donation out ASAP.

    Happy Thanksgiving,

    Lawrence Brown
    Cape Cod Academy / Director Shelter from the Storm concerts

  3. Where is the book “Sea Glass” that the women of Eve’s house did located. I don’t see it anywhere on the website. Why is Nancy Jane Woodside saying she is the author?

  4. Where can I find the book “Sea Glass?” I heard a reading at the library. I thought it was part of your organization.