Resident Spotlight: Steve

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I was born in 1963 in Wareham at Tobey Hospital. I lived my entire life in Falmouth, attending Lawrence School and graduating in 1981 from Falmouth High School.

After graduating I worked in stores but then took courses to become a mason and worked at that for 30 years and was doing foundation work. I am actually still working in Falmouth for my friend. I work everyday, and we do patios as well as concrete work. I recently got my license and a car, so the commute from Hyannis will be a lot faster than taking the bus. I am saving as much as I can so that I can move from HnH and be independent. That is my goal and really is a goal for Homeless not Hopeless to help all residents become independent.

My problems started when I was a teenager and started drinking. I was a “functional alcoholic” – still able to work. However, when I drank I became abusive. I had two OUIs and was arrested and was incarcerated at the Barnstable County Correctional Facility in Bourne two times. It was there that I quit drinking going “cold turkey.” I was involved in all the programs that I could. I went to all the meetings and did the “SHOCK” program twice. That program helped me become more disciplined. I met Chaplain Dave Robbins, and now on the outside, I attend his church every Sunday and help him set up. I attend AA meetings and do the 12 Steps. I’m grateful that I came to Homeless not Hopeless from jail, so that I could get my life back. I am grateful for my recovery and my life now and look forward to the future.