January 2021 Spotlight

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I live at Homeless not Hopeless, but previously I owned several homes in southeastern Massachusetts, Maine and Cape Cod. I was a very successful sales manager with multiple firms and was financially secure. Ironically, I lost all those homes and … Continued

Mura Coldwell – Another Miracle

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Mura is resilient, tough, compassionate, generous, loving, and caring and has an engaging smile and a warm heart. How she has survived to remain this way is a miracle. She is fifty-eight, a widow with two grown sons. She was … Continued

Resident Spotlight Nov 2020

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God has a plan for you and you don’t need to know what it is; He gives second, third, and even more chances. This is a pretty amazing living story. Joel Spina is aged 52. He has been a resident … Continued

Educating and Advocating for the Needs of the Homeless Community