June spotlight: Lynn

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I married the wrong guy at a young age, was abused physically and emotionally and had a family before I was ready. Today I have turned my life around and am making better choices.

I was born in Hyannis but grew up through my mid teens in Attleboro. Regretfully, I was a drop out and never got my high school diploma or my GED. My first child was born one day before my sixteenth birthday. Around this time my parents got divorced, and I moved in with my mother for the next year. At seventeen, I got my own apartment with my son, Chris, and his father.

For the next twenty years, I was a professional customer service receptionist and a good one because I have a good disposition. However, I was forced to resign my job because of my chronic pain from a back injury due to degenerative disc disease.

I was still in Attleboro and got married and had four children. I finally realized that the children and I were at risk for being physically and mentally abused by my drunken husband who yelled, hit, and threatened us. The Department of Children and Families became involved to protect us. I was granted a divorce.

My physical ailments substantially increased (Fibromyalgia, back disc, knee replacement, high blood pressure, spinal fusion, sciatica). These combined conditions prevented me from obtaining employment, and I was granted SSDI (Social Security Disability).

To escape my domineering ex-husband, I had to move six times in Attleboro, and my children and I underwent family counseling. For two years I became deeply depressed and reclusive. Eventually, I was evicted from my apartment for failure to pay the rent. I sought refuge with my oldest son who was married. This was an unsatisfactory solution because their new baby would need a nursery, and the apartment was small. I had to leave. I stayed in my car for several days and nights and then went to a boyfriend’s for six months. That arrangement failed as well. Then a girl friend told me about Homeless not Hopeless. I applied in December 2020 and was accepted. In May 2021 a manager’s position opened, and I was asked to fill the position.

My dream is to secure my own apartment back in Attleboro with my long-term boyfriend so I can be near my children and one grand child. I have a positive attitude and am resilient and grateful.