Resident Spotlight: Donnie

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​I was born on October 29, 1964 in New Bedford, MA in St. Like’s Hospital. I had six siblings, and I was the second youngest. Our lives were not always pleasant. When I was seven years old both my sister and I were very badly abused by our stepfather. That memory has remained with me to this day. There are now four of us left. I went to elementary school in New Bedford and Brockton High School graduating in 1983. I got a job at McDonald’s in Brockton and was there for five years. Then I worked for WB Mason and worked in the warehouse for five years. Then I went to the supply division and drove the large delivery trucks mostly in Massachusetts, but sometimes I did go as far as White Plains, NY. I started out at $9 per hour and worked toward $28. I worked there for thirteen years.

​In December 1994, I got married. I met my wife at a roller skating rink and she stalked me! We had four children. However, in 2004 I was diagnosed with CNS Vasculitis which was discovered after a brain biopsy because I was experiencing imbalance and confusion. I had many strokes but one was on my left side of the brain which affects my right side. My wife helped me get on disability and even today that is how I am able to pay my community fee. In 2009 my wife and I got divorced. I paid all my child care and still talk to my children today.

​After getting divorced I went to Main Spring House which is a homeless shelter in Brockton. In 2015 I moved to Cape Cod and ended up in Noah Shelter which is now St. Joseph’s homeless shelter in Hyannis. I then moved to Champ Homes and was there for five years. Then to South Cape Motel until a friend of mine got me into Homeless not Hopeless. My goal is to eventually get my own one bedroom apartment. I enjoy going to Pier Recovery in Hyannis and working around the Admiral Cooke’s House where I live. Through all my problems in life, especially the abuse, I think I am a better person for it. I find humor in my life, and I am a happy person because I love God, and I love going to church.

​Whenever anyone comes, I have a saying that I give, “God loves you and all of God’s saints, and I love you!”