Resident Spotlight: Jocelyn

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I was born in Falmouth and lived half my life there, then moved to Hyannis. I did finish high school despite moving from Falmouth High School to Mashpee High School and finally to Barnstable High School. I wanted to attend college, but I got pregnant at nineteen. My mother was a drug addict and drank, and life was difficult. It didn’t help that I had dyslexia and was ADHD. I moved out on my own and tried to get a CNA license online, but the father of my child was not much help, and I had to give it up. Later on I was able to complete it, but never worked as a CNA but would like to take the recertification test and do that work.

I was involved with the RAFT program and got a cottage and lived in that for three to four years. I met a man and had two children with him. We stayed together for seven years, but we broke up due to his mother’s interference and manipulation. At twenty-six, we separated. I stayed with my grandfather for a while to care for him because he was sick. A couple of weeks after I left, he died.

We co-parent our three children and my former husband treats my first daughter as though she is his. The three children live with him because his mother called the police on me at one point, so he has them, but I see them on a regular basis.

I am not addicted to alcohol or drugs because I saw my mom using, and it caused me to have anxiety. I have been bouncing around from place to place and could not afford a hotel room anymore. I went to Duffy, and they put me in a program, “In off the streets.” It saved me. They put me up in a hotel and then recommended Homeless not Hopeless. I have a good job and plan to get another one part time so that I will save everything I make on that job.

My goal is to do well here at HnH and get recertification for my CNA license. I am grateful that I am here, and my manager helps me so much.