Resident Spotlight: Kim

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​I was born in Needham, Massachusetts, and I have one younger sister. My parents were high school sweethearts, and I had a wonderful family life growing up. I went to Needham High School and then went to Mt. Ida College and received a BA in Communications. I worked in television in Needham and was also the spokesperson in the state for agencies. I became the first female registrar in the state of Massachusetts and was appointed by Governor Cellucci. I was in that position for six years.

​By the time I turned 50 years old, my life took a wrong turn. I was divorced for the second time and started binge drinking. It seemed I was fine for a while, but then every two years I would drink again. I was living with my dad in Mashpee, but when he decided to move to Florida, I was homeless. I had nowhere to go. Then someone recommended Homeless not Hopeless. I was saved. I love it here at Eve’s house; it is a great place to live. I feel very fortunate.

​Today, I am the assistant manager at Eve’s House and have a full time job as a special education teacher. I have a counselor and have completed programs to help me continue on the right path.