Resident Spotlight: Jordan DB

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I was born in Hyannis on September 3, 1998, at 5:01 P.M. on a Thursday, so Thursdays are my favorite day! I went to a private Kindergarten, but then went through the Barnstable School system starting at Hyannis West and finishing at Barnstable High School and graduating in 2017. I didn’t feel that I wanted to go to college but wanted to work. I got a job at Trader Joe’s and was there for nine months. Then I had a series of jobs: the movie theater, delivery for Door Dash, and the Army-Navy store in Hyannis.

My dream was to go to California and see if I could get into the music and acting business, so I went. I stayed in Los Angeles for a month with friends and met some famous people. I couldn’t find a job, and then Covid started, and people were not hiring. I came back and stayed in my family home on the Cape in a basement living area. I became so depressed and was pitying myself. I starting smoking weed and took money from my mom for my habit. I was kicked out of my home and was homeless. I stayed outside for a while, then with a friend. I broke into my family’s home and lived in the basement for a while without their knowing it. When they discovered me, they did allow me to sleep in a tent in the yard, but once again they wanted me to leave. I worked at U-Haul and Target and made enough money to return to Los Angeles and stayed in a few hostels which were terrible. Again, I couldn’t find work and was running out of money. My mother got me a plane ticket to return home. I checked into a hospital because I was mentally unstable.

After leaving the hospital, I stayed with a friend but then filled out an application for HnH and came here on December 28, 2020. I got a job in Yarmouth Port for a year and now work in Hyannis closer to HnH. My goal is still to return to California and get into acting and maybe even comedy. I do have a friend in the music industry who likes my work. I want to live a life that I don’t have to worry about finances and a career that makes me happy and have peace of mind.

At HnH I have realized what other residents have endured and that I’m not the odd one out. There are people here I can trust, and I have faith in humanity and myself. I need to structure my life better and move on. Indirectly, HnH has helped me move on in my grief and reminded me of what I shouldn’t do. I had family members who treated me badly, and I have made some very bad choices. I had a very good friend who was violently hurt by a man, and I’m dealing with all these issues. However, I feel I’m getting my life back in order and can eventually move on. I’m getting there.