Resident Spotlight Nov 2021 — Robin

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I am a sixty-four year old, twice divorced, recovering alcoholic. I grew up in south Florida, graduating from a private high school. I began drinking at sixteen. I attended Belmont Abbey College in North Carolina but dropped out after one year, then returned to south Florida to begin a career in Real Estate, selling property and managing apartments and condos. I was successful at this vocation for the next fourteen years (1996-2010).

I moved to Maryland, then Washington D.C. where I continued my career in real estate. I divorced for the second time (fortunately no kids) which was precipitated by my continuing alcohol abuse. Eventually I was forced to move to Cape Cod to live with my cousin. I became her drinking buddy. Because of my drinking I became suicidal and was admitted to the Cape Cod Hospital Psych Center where I began my treatment for severe depression. The medicines I was prescribed lifted my mood, and I finally accepted that I was an alcoholic.

My alcoholic cousin refused to take me back so I became homeless. With no where to go after ten days at the CCH Psych Center, I was sent to a homeless facility where I remained for the next five months. I transitioned to the St. Joseph House in Hyannis which is a homeless shelter for another six months. I was blessed to discover that Homeless not Hopeless had an available opening. I have lived at HnH since April 2020. I am able to keep up with my room rent, food and personal expenses because I have a steady part-time job at a local supermarket for the past year, plus I receive food stamps.

Gratefully, I do not have cravings for alcohol and have been sober now for two years. I take my medications regularly and no longer feel intense depression. I have enough for today with a safe and secure roof over my head and predictable meals. Recently I was promoted to Assistant Manager of HnH which entitles me to my own single room and one-half rent.

I am content for now and dream of eventually being able to move on from HnH on my own, finally to feel normal for a change.