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Resident Spotlight: Kim

​I was born in Needham, Massachusetts, and I have one younger sister. My parents were high school sweethearts, and I had a wonderful family life growing up. I went to Needham High School... READ MORE

June spotlight: Lynn

I married the wrong guy at a young age, was abused physically and emotionally and had a family before I was ready. Today I have turned my life around and am making better... READ MORE

May Spotlight: Greg

I am a former prisoner. I was born in Cape Cod Hospital sixty-six years ago. My parents divorced in 1958, four years after my birth. My alcoholic mother remarried my stepfather who was... READ MORE

January 2021 Spotlight

I live at Homeless not Hopeless, but previously I owned several homes in southeastern Massachusetts, Maine and Cape Cod. I was a very successful sales manager with multiple firms and was financially secure.... READ MORE

“We Offer a Hand Up, Not a Hand Out”

Homeless not Hopeless, Inc. (HnH) is a non-profit corporation founded in 2007 to educate homeless people to live independent, productive lives. We offer a helping hand to those in need of short and long term help. HnH offers supportive housing, educational training and other tools to help our homeless become productive members of society. Our organization is actively managed by men and women who were formerly homeless themselves. They are aware of the problems and issues the homeless face and are equipped to help. We currently have four homes, two for women and two for men. HnH’s goal is to help residents move back into their communities as productive members.

Educating and Advocating for the Needs of the Homeless Community